Lucky to do the job I do…

Being a PT isn’t just about trying to help someone lose weight or put on muscle, sometimes you are challenged in other ways. I am fortunate to have been asked by a couple of clients who have Parkinson’s if I can help them improve/manage their symptoms. Its a disease that is close to my heart as a family member also has it.

It’s not something I take lightly and anyone who knows me knows that I research everything I can sometimes to the point of being obsessed about it, always to make sure I am offering my clients the most recent and up to date guidance I can , utilising experience and trial and error to find what tools and exercises can benefit a client managing these symptoms.

I have been working with one of these clients for a while now, she is totally inspiring and we have been working lots on , Strength, Co-Ordination, Balance, Motor Skills, Gait, and much more. Everything I have challenged her with she has tried and it’s great when you receive a testimonial like this only I feel it should be me writing the testimonial for her as even on bad days she still gets in the gym and gets it done …

“For over 2 years I have been a participant in a Parkinson’s Disease research project. For the same period I have been following Matt’s personalised training sessions twice a week. I’m thrilled to report that the final computer analysis shows that my walking has improved in almost every aspect into the borderline/normal range. I was also able to participate in the ‘pull test’ category for the first time, which means I now have some ability to recover my balance and avoid a potential fall. I couldn’t have completed the exercise programme without medication, but I am certain that the self help tools provided by Matt are what provided these measurable results. I can’t thank him enough. ”

Too know more about this disease and what we can do to try and raise awareness and funds for research please visit the Parkinson’s UK website 

Raising money for Parkinson’s in the Prudential Ride 100 


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