Baby its Cold….Inside!

Now I wasn’t a big fan of the cold, last couple of winters Ive got proper moody because it was all dark and chilly.

I decided I needed to make friends with the cold. So back in June I started to take cold showers every morning, at first I could only manage about 10 seconds now I regularly stay under for a few minutes and haven’t missed a day of cold showers since.


There are lots of supposed health benefits from cold water, ranging from improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, improving sleep quality but for me it’s the challenge of first thing every morning doing something you don’t really want to do and stepping into that freezing water, then an instant mood lift for the day which means you’re already winning before you’ve even had breakfast!😊 #coldwatertherapy❄️💧

Recommendations are that you start off with the water lukewarm so you can have a soapy wash then finish with the water as cold as you can, trying to regulate your breathing as much as possible gradually increasing the length of time under the shower each time.

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