“For over 2 years I have been a participant in a Parkinson’s Disease research project. For the same period I have been following Matt’s personalised training sessions twice a week. I’m thrilled to report that the final computer analysis shows that my walking has improved in almost every aspect into the borderline/normal range. I was also able to participate in the ‘pull test’ category for the first time, which means I now have some ability to recover my balance and avoid a potential fall. I couldn’t have completed the exercise programme without medication, but I am certain that the self help tools provided by Matt are what provided these measurable results. I can’t thank him enough.”

Dee P, Hook

“Love Matt’s HiiT classes! It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get!

Mousan L-M, Hook

“Love Matt’s Smash HiiT sessions, he always gives loads of support and encouragement. Plus you know it is always going to be fun!”

Sharon M, Hook

“Fantastic class. Excellent help, support and motivation. Good range of varied exercises each week. Matt even manages to make exercising fun!”

Jen B, Sherborne St John

“Genuinely the best circuits class around at 12:30 on a Tuesday or Thursday at the Park Health Club”

Dave M, Wiltshire

“At the beginning of this year as a beginner I shyly entered the Wednesday evening class and have never looked back. Matt welcomed me to the amazing group and it soon became a permanent fixture in my weekly routine. They are the best workout classes I have ever done! I love the variation in routines, which include a bit of everything from HIIT to Boxing(which is so fun but equally painful). Matt is the best, he keeps the routines engaging and is generally lovely! I actually look forward to these classes because they are so enjoyable and I can see myself slowly improving on technique and core strength. I couldn’t recommend it enough!! If you are thinking of joining, DO IT!! I promise you won’t regret it!”

Abi G, Basingstoke

“Such great classes – every week different and original with lots of variation of things to do. Well thought out and organised with lots of great equipment and tailored to your needs. Couldn’t recommend enough! Always a great work out and enjoyable – Matt makes sure it is fun to work out the whole time and you are distracted from the hard work you are putting in! Wish I still lived closer as the best classes I have ever done! Loved it!”

Lisa W, Basingstoke

“Matt is a enthusiastic and very knowledgeable trainer. I found every session a suitable challenge but fun at the same time. Matt genuinely cares about my results and myself as a person and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer”.

Olly B, Basingstoke

“Matt, thank you for making HiiT fun. Never before have I had to make animal noises while working out! Your classes are challenging and fun, when my previous trainer stopped doing classes I didn’t think I would find anything to match them, but your classes actually beat them! Thank You.”

Helen & Sarah, Hook

” I recently signed up with Matt on a 6 week course to improve my flexibility. posture and stamina. First thing I noticed about Matt is he knows his stuff and explains everything to you in very simple terms…why you do this, this will help here etc. His advanced knowledge means he designs programmes specific to your needs but still has a way of mixing up exercises each session so it doesn’t get too samey! What I liked especially is he gives you exercises that you can do away from the gym so you can continue the programme after you have finished the course, therefore not taking money off you for sessions for the sake of it. It’s clear Matt is passionate about fitness and I’ll be calling up soon to book some nutrition advice”

Damon H, Basingstoke

“I’ve never been to a circuit class before that hits the spot in the way that Smash HiiT does – every class is different, fun, targets specific muscle groups and pushes you to use every last bit of energy. They give your body a real fitness kick.

Matt’s knowledge and enthusiasm naturally flows through into his Personal Training role where he focuses on your goals, plans programmes to test and push you further than you would working out on your own, and achieves fantastic results. He can adapt quickly to any aches or pains you happen to bring to a session (!), still getting results but under the safe umbrella of working out with someone who knows what they are talking about.

Matt has got exactly the right attitude and approach for the business – a great combination of experience and the motivational push you need to do those extra reps you didn’t think you had in you. He is personable, friendly and experienced with zero arrogance – a fantastic trainer!”

Sally R, Hook

“I have done a number of circuit training or Smash HiiT classes over the last few years, and I can honestly say Matt’s classes have been by far the best. Each session is always different, fun and

Matt is also very approachable and if you have any questions regarding programmes,
personal goals or nutrition, he is always glad to help. Matt has helped me to understand nutrition
and helped change some of my eating habits to aid the work I do at the gym.

I can guarantee that after doing classes with Matt you will feel fitter and healthier.”

Stephen P, Camberley

“Just finished my 10 Personal Training sessions with Matt and would highly recommend him. I have lost 5% body fat, dropped a dress size and feel really fit. Matt makes every session different and age and ability appropriate”.

Joyce W, Oakley

“The training benefits over the last 5 weeks have helped me with my goal to run in a half marathon in the future. Its a real shame that I cannot continue the training with Matt due to relocating with work. I have noticed my upper body has improved in shape and that the sessions are complimenting my running. I seem to have gained stamina to run for longer.

Matt makes each training session unique, which means that every session I learn a new technique to improve my overall fitness and make each session fun and interesting. Also the training sessions have assisted me staying emotionally well.

Thank you Matt for all you have done to enable me to improve and keep fit. I would recommend Matt to anyone whatever their shape and current fitness level, you will only improve.”

Michelle N, Southampton

“Matt’s Smash HiiT classes are brilliant! I have managed to increase my overall strength substantially over the past year since I started attending his classes and as a result my overall fitness has noticeably improved. His classes are varied and fun as well as exhausting but at the end you feel only exhilarated!”

Bella D, Monk Sherborne

“Matt has been great at motivating me and getting the best out of me during our Personal Training sessions. The variety of exercises keep it interesting and he gives me targets to beat. He’s easy to train with and tough when he needs to be! Would recommend him to anyone.”

Sophie D, Monk Sherborne

“I first Matt some 6 months ago and have been training with him once a week since. I could not recommend him more highly with a great set-up at his home, a vast wealth of knowledge on different training techniques, body mechanics and nutrition. He had a great way of making the sessions fun and enjoyable, whilst somehow managing to squeeze everty last drop of effort out of you! If you want a focussed and personalised trainer which you’ll have fun with whilst achieving your own fitness goals then Matt’s you man! Thanks again for everything.”

James B, Monk Sherborne

” This was the first time I had ever used a personal trainer and wouldn’t go anywhere else after my time with Matt. Matt has a good balance of encouragement and discipline however without your own determination and self-belief it means nothing. I managed to lose just over 1 stone and 6% Body Fat during my brief time with Matt, both targets I set myself at the beginning. Money well spent”                        (For Richards before and after photos see News)

Richard P, Basingstoke

“Matt’s Smash HiiT classes are great! They provide you with a full body work out and you really do feel like you’ve worked hard. Each session is different and even throughout a class the workout varies which keeps it interesting. Matt is enthusiastic, motivating and very approachable. After the first class I was hooked and now go twice a week!”

Anna W, Basingstoke

“After deciding to raise money for a charity dear to myself I asked Matt if he would take part and train me for the task ahead. The programme Matt designed made sure I had sufficient leg strength, core strength and an appropriate fitness level to climb all 3 mountains. Needless to say we completed it in less than 24 hours so very happy!”

Tony H, Leyland

“I came to Matt in the Gym after years of not exercising and putting on a bit of weight and basically wanting to get back into shape, we sat down together and discussed my needs and a pre-existing injury I had.

Over the coming months Matt helped me get back into shape with my fitness levels increasing and my flexibility improving, but mostly made working out enjoyable! I would not hesitate in recommending Matt to anybody else looking at losing weight and improving their fitness levels.”

Jean D, Odiham

“Normally circuit training wouldn’t appeal to me, but its a great work out and I enjoy it. Matt is a good instructor that motivates you without breaking you. I am now a regular and recommend his class to anyone”

Dan P, Basingstoke

“I had been going to the gym for a few years which I enjoyed at first but become bored and I was not losing any weight and was actually thinking about cancelling my membership. I spoke to Matt who was one of the Personal Trainers there who sat down with me and I talked about what I wanted , which was motivation and a programme more challenging and to eventually lose weight. I signed up with Matt for 5 sessions at first and started feeling different after the first 3!

The sessions were just what I needed to get me back on track. Matt is very professional and always wants to get the most out of the sessions,. You have to work hard but at least going to the gym is enjoyable now!”

Jenny B, Hook

“I have had 10 personal training sessions so far with Matt and have more to come and I have already lost over 2kg with reduced body fat and BMI and my blood pressure is now lower. I can highly recommend mh-personaltraining. I feel this was the most cost effective way for me to improve my fitness level and lose weight after having two children and more cost effective than joining a gym.

Matt is always extremely professional, knowledgeable and motivating and I feel would suit working with any age group, male or female”

Joanna B, Sherborne St John

“Great class! Matt is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer, approachable and not overbearing. The Smash HiiT Class helped me get in shape for a Triathlon and continues to help me keep fit. The session is structured and varies from week to week keeping it interesting and testing.”

Cliff G, Basingstoke

“After doing 2 courses of circuit training I can really notice the difference. I’m toning as well as losing weight. I would definitely recommend doing the class as Matt always encourages and motivates to make the workout enjoyable as well as hard work and intense.”

Laura H, Basingstoke

“On discovering that Matt started his own Personal Training company, I thought I would give it a go. I found each session I had was always different and Matt was excellent at teaching me how to use new types of equipment. Matt is very encouraging and always makes sure that your form is correct and that you are doing the exercises safely.

My personal goal was to lose weight and body fat so combining Matt’s Personal Training with his Circuit Class I have managed to get really good results. Matt is genuinely as pleased with you getting results as you are, which really helps.

I have and would definitely recommend Mh-personaltraining to anyone I know.”

Gary A, Basingstoke

“I have been cycling with Matt for a while now and had tried to lose some weight in the past my own way. This was not working as my efforts made me feel tired and no progress on the scales front. Matt shared a very useful tool with me called the Food & Mood Diary – a new way to look at food and how it works for you. This has been the key over the past few weeks to my weight loss and more over shape change. I have higher energy levels at work and overall feel good.

To my surprise I am now eating more than I was before, and enjoying it. The best thing is that I have not totally changed what I do, just a few things – the biggest thing being what I eat and how my body responds to it, thanks for your help Matt.”

Gary U, Basingstoke

“I have been attending Matt’s Smash HiiT class pretty much since he started doing them and even now I find the classes really varied, Matt has a great knowledge of which exercises will benefit me and which to avoid due to a dodgy shoulder! He makes the classes great fun and they are always very hard work. If anyone is thinking about doing the classes I say give it a go!”

Mick W, Basingstoke

“Good class, hard work for me at first but when you get going its a great way to stay in shape and I feel more fitter than when I started”

Aaron W, Basingstoke