Exciting update for all new and existing PT Clients!

I am so happy to be able to offer this amazing upgrade to being a client of MH-Personal Training!
For a while now I have been a member of Lift The Bar, arguably the best in the business for personal trainer education and development, a programme which helps me keep my skills fresh and up to date.
As part of this programme we have worked together to be able to offer our clients an App – Session X, that will provide you with easy to follow sessions on the days you are not training with me in order to compliment the training that we do together.
The sessions we are starting with are:
‍♂️ Yoga – 4 Sessions to access immediately
‍♀️ Pilates – 5 sessions to access immediately
Healthy Hips – a 4 part series to access immediately
☯ Guided Meditation series
and also a Healthy Shoulders series coming soon as well as many more videos to be added to the library.
These sessions can be accessed at any time and will help you relax, support recovery, and improve your muscular control.
Oh and the best bit, it’s absolutely FREE to all clients of mine, new, and of course the existing legends too!
All current clients should have received the email already. If not let me know, any potential new clients interested please get in touch
I’m really excited about being able to add more value to your training

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